Apply to Evolve Conceptual Art Exhibition

To apply, read and follow the guidelines carefully before filling in the application form below.

You will need your order number to apply.

応募は、1 回のみできます。2 回目以降の応募は受付されません。
Each artist or collective can apply only one time, applications subsequent to the first will not be evaluated.

オーダー番号 - Order number *必須項目

ご連絡用メールアドレス - Your email *必須項目

名 - First Name *必須項目

氏 - Last Name *必須項目

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提出資料 - Submission materials
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1.応募作品のコンセプトと実施計画 - Concept of Artwork and plan *必須項目
注意:オリジナル作品であること / 最大A4サイズ
Note: Images must be original work created by the artist. / Maximum A4 page


2.ポートフォリオ - Pōtoforio *必須項目
Note:Previous Artwork. Include a note to each Artwork, including at least “Name of artwork/project or exhibition”, Gallery Name/Exhibition Space, City and Country, Year.


3.経歴 - CV *必須項目
Note: Image of yourself, a brief description of the artist in English.